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Connected Vessel Monitoring and Crew Tracking

Photo: Dyena

Posted by Michelle Howard

Since releasing their original device in 2012, Dyena has continued to advance their vessel monitoring systems, supplying government agencies including the Royal Navy, US Navy, and commercial wind farm operators such as E.ON and RWE.

Dyena supplies hardware to wind farm construction operations in the North Sea as part of an integrated marine management system providing real-time operational data that covers a wide range of offshore wind farm activities from vessel motion monitoring and crew tracking to turbine structural monitoring and tracking of strategic spares.

Recently released, the Dyena Offshore system provides an off-the-shelf solution for vessel and crew monitoring. Designed to be simple to fit and autonomous in operation, it records acceleration and vessel motion in 6 axes, GPS position and speed, along with the crew manifest; uploading all data to the cloud server for review from anywhere in the world.

There is a low cost basic package is aimed at vessel manufacturers who require data for warranty protection and condition based maintenance with further packages offering more advanced specifications. An optional LED helm display can be installed for alerting the crew if the current voyage is exceeding operational limits.

Wireless ID cards are used to register the crew onboard the vessel so the individuals exposure to shock and vibration can be monitored, allowing preventative action to be taken if required. Operators providing chartered crew transfer vessels can use this data as proof of safe operations to the main contractor.

Dyena has also released an app for workers in hazardous or remote environments to interact more efficiently with their headquarters. Dyena WORK incorporates health monitoring, incident reporting with other useful functions such as direct chat, hours tracking and HSEQ support. A free trial is available for iOS and Android.

Dyena WORK integrates with Dyena Offshore for a complete vessel and crew health monitoring solution designed to aid operators in managing the fleet and the wellbeing of their staff.

May 25, 2018

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