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Nabrico Unveils New Line of Steel Davit Cranes

(Image: Nabrico)

Nabrico has always offered a davit style crane primarily for hose handling on barges, but its newest lineup of steel davit cranes- available in 500-, 1,000- and 2,500-pound lift capacities-is designed to be used for a wider range of lifting applications.

"Nabrico's new davit cranes are designed for multi-purpose use-a portable, inexpensive lifting tool for a wide range of applications," said Brad Jarnagin, industrial market manager at Nabrico. "Their applications are all across the board, from pulling pumps, motors, hose handling, miscellaneous engine parts, lifting generators and other equipment onto barges, to lifting tools and equipment up onto catwalks and mezzanines." Jarnagin noted the cranes can handle very long lifts, unlike chain hoists that become unwieldy due to all the chain.

But, according to Jarnagin, "Their biggest advantage is that they are lightweight and portable. Multiple bases can be placed in various locations, and one crane can easily be moved from base to base." Jarnagin noted the bases come in three configurations: pedestal, flush mount and wall mount. The flush mount base is embedded so no structure sits up above ground level. In addition, the Nabrico davit cranes can easily be broken down and put into storage when not in use. "Our cranes with manual winches come equipped with a socket drive and are drill drivable, so you get powered operation without the cost of a powered winch. We can provide powered winch operation as well if needed."

These cranes are zinc plated, and all Nabrico cranes are made in the U.S. and come individually tested and certified. Jarnagin said Nabrico keeps davit cranes in stock at its facility in Nashville, available for quick turnaround. "We ship same day or next day," he said. "We can do some degree of customization if needed. Just come to us with your application, and we'll do our best to find a solution."

Apr 11, 2022

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