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Globecomm Unveils Expanded Nimbus Range

The expanded Nimbus range supports the next generation of hybrid and satellite connectivity. Photo courtesy Globecomm

By Joseph R Fonseca

Globecomm has unveiled an expanded range of its Nimbus smartbox. The Nimbus range now includes three options, Nimbus Lite, Nimbus and Nimbus Pro, each designed to meet the diverse communications needs of shipowners, managers and crew.

The expanded range builds on the success of Nimbus, the 'bandwidth-neutral' communications platform launched in 2013 to support the next generation of hybrid and satellite connectivity, which already is managing business and crew communications across 1,000 installations.
The entry-level option, Nimbus Lite, was developed to suit owners with low data needs and limited communications outlay. Nimbus is perfect for users who need to unlock the potential of maritime communications while securely controlling defined networks. For shipowners who have embraced high throughput communications, Nimbus Pro is designed to drive the value of VSAT to the connected maritime business.
All Nimbus installations can be monitored and managed from any location via the Cirrus cloud portal, providing complete visibility, control and accountability across networks and devices from ship and shore.
"The maritime communications landscape is increasingly complex, with new connectivity options coming to market at a time when data demand is spiralling and security concerns are growing," says Globecomm Maritime President Malcolm McMaster. "The Nimbus range is designed to provide shipowners with the right level of control for their communications needs, combining cloud processes and cyber security with unique features that enable simple, reliable connections."
Capable of managing networks via multiple satellite/3G-LTE inputs, Nimbus features automatic switching between satellite and cellular networks based on pre-defined priority and supports connectivity to specialist applications such as ECDIS and voyage management systems, providing a single, powerful shipboard operating system. Nimbus makes possible a richer browsing experience at sea by using smart caching and compression as well as enabling connection to any email address with powerful system management tools.
On shore, Globecomm's Cirrus Portal can be used to manage preferred satellite connectivity and redundancy, configure user accounts, establish firewall rules and manage updates.
Thanks to its detailed real-time monitoring and reporting tools, Cirrus provides access to a range of fleet-wide control features, giving full control over even a large fleet at any time. For routine or trouble shooting maintenance, Cirrus also enables remote connection to shipboard PCs via the Nimbus box.
Globecomm's network and server security protocols help extend another layer of protection to customer data at a time when cyber security has become of paramount importance to maritime users.
"The wide variety of hardware, operating systems and software in use onboard ship has made maintaining quality of service and security across networks more and more challenging," said Globecomm CCO Bryan McGuirk. "Nimbus features built-in security against viruses and cyber infection with two fully-managed firewalls on the smartbox and the Cirrus shoreside portal, providing robust intrusion prevention."
For additional security, shore to ship connections are encrypted using the latest standards and end-to-end connectivity is via a private IP space with no exposure to the public internet. Nimbus also ensures the separation of crew and business networks so a malware infection cannot spread from one to the other.

Mar 2, 2018

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