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Marine Travelift Launches New Marine Forklift

Photo: Marine Travelift

Posted by Michelle Howard

Marine Travelift continues to grow their Hydro M_Drive marine forklift lineup with the delivery of a new M2300HS (23,000 lbs. equivalent capacity) to Lands End Marina in Apollo Beach, FL. The new Hydro M_Drive with short wheelbase joins an older 1998 Marine Travelift M2000 already on site.
The older M2000 has proven the brand's durability and reliability through daily use for nearly 20 years.
Lands End Marina is a full-service marina inside of Bal Harbor and has deep water access to the shipping channels of the bay. The marina offers their customers high and dry boat storage, wet slips, a multi-brand service department staffed by factory certified technicians, and brokerage boat sales.

The new M2300HS hydrostatic drive forklift features a shorter wheelbase which offers improved mobility and maneuverability around confined spaces while maintaining the same precise control, lifting capacities and hydrostatic drive benefits of the M2300H.

Lands End Marina manager Kevin Howell says, "We opted for a short wheelbase model for increased maneuverability inside of our high and dry", and also added "with less moving parts than a conventional drivetrain a major benefit of the hydrostatic drive system is that it should cost less to maintain and repair in years to come."

The existing equipment Lands End Marina has on-site met their needs, but the reliability of a new forklift was a main driver for the purchase. Already having experience with the reliability and durability of a Marine Travelift forklift gave them confidence in their purchase decision.

"After having owned a Marine Travelift product for many years we were very comfortable with purchasing another one," explains Howell. "The original M2000 marina forklift is a reliable machine and we have no doubt the new machine will give us years of trouble-free service," he added.

Using extensive knowledge gained from decades of experience in mobile boat handling equipment, Marine Travelift has set the bar high for what customers should expect out of their marina forklifts. From the hydrostatic drive system to easy service access and an industry leading paint system, the Hydro M_Drive is designed to lower customer's maintenance and repair costs resulting in a reliable, cost-effective piece of equipment.

"It is especially satisfying to see the commitment and investment that Marine Travelift has made into the forklift product line," says Dale Harris, Owner of Harris Equipment Systems Inc. who is a certified Marine Travelift dealer for northern Florida and Georgia. "With the new capacities and options available, there is a Hydro M_Drive marine forklift for every customer in any application."

Mar 9, 2018

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