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Low Heat Steel Reinstatement for In-service Cruise Ship

Photo: SPS

Posted by Michelle Howard

A cruise ship had 27msq of tank-top above a heavy fuel oil tank reinstated using SPS whilst sailing between Dubai and Southampton with 2000 guests on-board in Spring 2019. The steelwork was undertaken by SPS licensee, SRC Estonia with an SPS Technology engineer overseeing the elastomer core injection.

A low heat solution was employed due to the area being above a fuel tank with the perimeter bars being glued using a structural adhesive to the prepared tank-top. The top plates were then welded to the perimeter bars to form cavities into which the elastomer core was injected to form the new composite tank-top. Despite a 5mm layer of fibreglass thickened paint covering the tank top, the project was completed 5 days ahead of schedule.

Access was tight with a maximum head height of just 750mm often dramatically reduced by pipe runs. With an 8mm top plate and 25mm elastomer core, in some places just 20mm of clearance remained between pipes and the new surface. The vessel ended its cruise in Southampton where the repair was inspected by a Lloyd's Register surveyor.

Jun 3, 2019

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