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Cobham Satcom Unveils Ku-Ka Dual Band VSAT Antenna

(Image: Cobham Satcom)

Cobham Satcom, a provider of radio and satellite communications solutions to the maritime and land mobile sectors, has unveiled Sea Tel 1500, a 1.5-meter dual-band, multi-orbit VSAT antenna solution.

Available in single Ku- or Ka-band, or as a 'two antennas in one' dual Ku-Ka-band configuration, the Sea Tel 1500 enables vessels to seamlessly switch from Ku- to Ka-band in a simple click. In a world of communication technology transition marked by the emergence of new satellite constellations, the system allows vessels to use their antennas within multiple satellite operator networks thanks to its ability to switch to different frequencies and networks on forthcoming non-geosynchronous satellite constellations, such as LEO, MEO and HEO.

According to Cobham Satcom, the Sea Tel 1500 is the first 1.5-meter maritime VSAT antenna to provide electronic Ku-Ka band switching without manual intervention, positioning it as a unique platform for dependable connectivity using established and forthcoming Ku-band services as well as high power Ka-band services. Because Sea Tel 1500 provides Ku-band operation on current GEO services in locations where Ka-band services are not available, it ensures full operational continuity regardless of a vessels' navigation route.

"With the introduction of unique push-button electronic switching between Ka- and Ku-band, the new Sea Tel 1500 VSAT is effectively a two-in-one antenna designed to ensure full business continuity as a vessel transits between different regions and satcom services. We are delighted to bring this flexibility to our customers looking to combine Ku-band coverage with high power regional Ka-band services, while optimizing lifetime costs and simplifying operations. All in a compact footprint," said Peter Kiær, Senior Vice President, Maritime at Cobham Satcom.

First delivery of Sea Tel 1500 Ku-Ka Dual Band VSAT Antennas is expected during Q4 2022.

Nov 23, 2022

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