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SENER Names Álvaro Lorente as MD

Alvaro Lorente. Photo: SENER

Laxman Pai

Spanish engineering and technology group SENER has appointed Alvaro Lorente, former Operations Manager in the energy division as Managing Director.

He graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Pontificia Comillas University (ICAI), majoring in Electrical Engineering, and joined SENER in 1991. Among other posts, he has been head of SENER's Mechanics Section, Operations Manager for Renewables, Power, Oil & Gas and International General Manager at SENER.

He was also appointed General Manager of Torresol Energy (a company in which SENER holds a 60% stake) and General Manager for the Energy and Environment Business Area of the SENER Group.

In Energy, SENER is a turnkey contractor and provides operation and maintenance services for electrical power plants, solar thermal plants, LNG storage and regasification terminals, underground gas storage terminals, refineries, petrochemical and plastics plants, and municipal, agricultural and industrial waste-to-energy treatment plants.

In recent years, SENER has built up an important presence in the area of engineering and construction for energy production plants, and has become a technology solutions and EPC projects' company recognized the world over for its execution of technologically complex turnkey projects in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East.

SENER's work portfolio includes major projects like the concentrated solar power (CSP) plants Noor Ouarzazate I, II y III, in Morocco, Khatu Solar Park and Ilanga in South Africa and Gemasolar in Spain, plus the biomass power plants for ENCE, in Spain, the liquefied natural gas terminal Gate Terminal, in the Netherlands, the CCR La Cangrejera petrochemical plant, in Mexico, and the Empalme I combined cycle power plant, also in Mexico.

Lately, SENER is opening up new energy markets such as photovoltaic solar plants, wind energy and CSP hybridization projects, as well as offering advanced solutions for digitalized management of industrial and energy generation assets.

May 27, 2019

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