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Performance Metals: Aluminum Protection Equipment

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Gabby DelGatto

Whether it's an outboard, sterndrive or entire hull, aluminum needs special precautions to prevent galvanic corrosion, especially when used in salt or brackish water. Performance Metals Products offers a simple explanation of why safeguarding aluminum with aluminum is the wisest choice and what can be done to protect these valuable investments.

Not every anode material performs equally well in all salinities. While magnesium protects aluminum in fresh water, if exposed to salt from pollutants like agricultural or stormwater runoff, corrosion can occur. Likewise, zinc, commonly used in saltwater applications, stops working if exposed to fresh water, such as from a heavy spring rain. While not as dramatic as a complete loss of anode protection, it can be the beginning of an insidious path to irreversible damage.

There are ways, however, to protect aluminum without resorting to swapping anodes to suit the conditions. Made in the USA, Performance Metals' Navalloy is an aluminum alloy that contains 5% zinc and a trace of indium.

Pure aluminum forms an oxide coating on its surface, similar to that on stainless steel, that protects it from corrosion. Navalloy's formula prevents this layer from forming, allowing it to become the sacrificial metal when used as an anode on aluminum.

Navalloy protects in all salinities and lasts longer, too-30% more than zinc and four times that of magnesium, and meets MIL-DTL-24779B(SH) military specifications and ABYC standards. It's so effective and reliable, it's used extensively by outboard manufacturers as their standard anode material.

In keeping with the company's reputation for innovation, Navalloy anodes feature the patented Red Spot Wear Indicator. As the metal corrodes, a bright red bar becomes visible. It's an easily recognized visual cue that it's time to replace the part.

Jun 25, 2018

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