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SHOXS Launches New Shock-Mitigated Seat Pedestals

Photo: SHOXS

Posted by Michelle Howard

SHOXS, a supplier of shock-mitigated seating technology, has announced an all-new series of marine-grade seat pedestals for the professional boater.

Known as the X-Series, the pedestals feature the same family of heavy-duty, shock-absorbing isolators that SHOXS installs into its military line of seats. An adjustable air shock and optional height adjust allow boaters of all sizes to experience smoother, safer rides in rough seas. Available in a silver or black hard anodized finish, the pedestals can be packaged with a SHOXS 3200, 3400, or 3700 bucket seat, or sold separately for use with nearly any aftermarket marine seat available.

Two variations of the X Series pedestal are available: The X4, which provides 4.4" of suspension travel for mild and moderate boating conditions, and the X8, which provides 8" of suspension travel for more extreme sea states and taller ride heights. The X Series pedestals can be deck-mounted or installed in boxes or risers to accommodate nearly any helm or cockpit layout and the compact size allows for inclusion on new boat builds as well as aftermarket installations.

Sep 27, 2018

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