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Big Berty KA4815: New Desalination Pump

This pump has a huge slab of 316 stainless stee machined to provide long continuous service in marine and de-salination applications. Photo courtesy Aussie Pumps

Aussie Pumps introduced a new desalination pump, capable of both high pressure and high flows. Manufactured by Bertolini in Northern Italy, it features heavy duty AISI 316 stainless steel construction, which makes it suitable for reverse osmosis, desalination, food industry, pharmaceutical, marine and even chemical applications.

The pump can be used as a direct drive with electric motor in the 1,450rpm range (4 pole), and alternatively, can be close coupled to a gearbox, or pulley's or driven by a gasoline or diesel engine.

Called the Big Berty KA4815, the pump reaches a pressure of 150bar (2,175psi) and flows as high as 48lpm. It is compact and fitted with a heavy duty 316 SS head capable of handling sustained performance.

For maximum performance at 1,450rpm, the pump requires a drive system producing up to 14kw.

"Applications include everything from desalination on board small charter boats to heavy duty work boat applications and even OPV, tug or major fishing boats where that combination of flow and pressure is required" said Aussie's Chief Engineer John Hales.

Like all Bertolini Pumps, it has a huge crankcase, providing large oil capacity for cool running. Check valves built into the pump head are "rapid action" with spring, poppet and seal made of 316 stainless steel.

Sep 16, 2022

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