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Enerpac Jack-up Technology for Safe Construction

The Enerpac JS-250 supporting the maritime platform during construction.  (Photo: Enerpac)

Posted by Michelle Howard

Construction of large steel structures can be difficult when the project involves lifting the structure during assembly. Enerpac's JS-250 Jack-up system was recently used for the assembly of a large maritime platform at ground level before raising the platform 7m for installation of supporting legs.

Measuring 28 meters wide and 56 meters long, the quayside platform including 16 telescopic legs has a total weight of 820 tons. Safety considerations promoted the use of an Enerpac JS-250 Jack-up system comprising four towers. This allowed the platform to be constructed at ground level, avoiding the need to work at height. Once completed the platform was raised to allow telescopic legs to be inserted in position over a two-week period.

"The JS-250 Jack-up system is ideal for assembly of large steel frameworks," says Jeremy Stubbs, UK Sales & Global Product Manager, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. "For the maritime platform, the Jack-Up system allowed safe working at ground level while enabling the platform to be raised to 7m and mechanically secured over an extended period."

The Enerpac JS-Series Jack-Up system is a multi-point lifting system comprising four jack-up towers, one positioned under each corner of a load. The lifting frame of each jack-up tower contains four hydraulic cylinders, which lift and stack steel barrels. The load is lifted in increments as barrels are inserted via an automated system and stacked, forming the lifting towers. Managed by a single operator, each tower's lifting and lowering operations occur simultaneously, while the Jack-Up's synchronous technology maintains the balance of the load.

Apr 25, 2018

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