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​​​​This Device May Know More About the Boat Than Its Owner

Photo: Glomex Marine

Posted by Michelle Howard

Not knowing whether on board systems are functioning or if the vessel is where it should be is worrisome. With the new ZigBoat from Glomex Marine Antennas USA, owners have absolute peace-of-mind that the boat is safe and protected, no matter its size. It's a modular wireless system that can monitor everything from water in the bilge to movement on the deck. It's all easily tracked on a smartphone and if something goes awry, it will trigger a notification and can instantly send an SMS message.

Without wires, cables and drilling holes, installing ZigBoat couldn't be simpler. The heart of the system is the Gateway core module. Compact at only 4" L x 4" W x 1.1" H, it's placed in a central, protected area. It runs off 12-24VDC and has a backup battery life of three to five years.
Fully plug-and-play, wireless ZigBoat sensors are then installed throughout the vessel as needed. Using the free smartphone app, they're easily added to the network by simply scanning the QR code on each sensor. A self-contained system, it doesn't require a cloud service subscription, any kind of registration nor agreement to privacy policies.

A comprehensive range of ZigBoat sensors are available that will alert in the case of flooding, battery level loss, shore power variance, smoke or heat detected, portlights or doors opened, or motion noticed. Wireless controls provide owners the ability to switch power or bilge pumps on and off, monitor battery charging or adjust lighting. The system can provide local sea and weather conditions.

Whether in the water or on a trailer, keeping a vessel safe from theft is paramount and ZigBoat delivers. Video surveillance and GPS tracking is available. A geofence can be set to alert the owner if the boat has moved from a predefined range; an anchor watch notifies if dragging is detected.
If a new boat is purchased, the ZigBoat gateway and sensors are easily removed and added to the vessel; it will instantly begin protecting. Completely expandable, there's no limit to the number of sensors the Gateway accommodates.

Using the ZigBoat app for Android or iOS is intuitive. User-friendly, it allows for customization and fine-tuning, and provides 24/7 access to all critical monitored vessel systems. It's an invaluable tool that becomes as much a part of the boat as the rudder.

The standard Glomex ZigBoat package comes with a gateway, and three sensors-battery, flood and portlight/door-and retails for $999. Additional sensors are sold and priced individually.

Jul 20, 2018

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