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1-Stop, Bestshore Team-up for European entry

VBS-By matching terminal resources to landside demand, the 1-Stop VBS effectively maximises supply chain efficiency resulting in productivity gains to both container terminals and the container industry Photo  1-Stop

By Joseph R. Fonseca

1-Stop Connections (1-Stop) and Bestshore Business Solutions UK Ltd (Bestshore) announce a new strategic alliance to bring their productivity solutions to the European and Indian-sub continent port community.

Through the partnership with Bestshore, 1-Stop assures that their products and solutions are represented by trusted advisors and experts in the shipping industry.

1-Stop's flagship product, the Vehicle Booking System (VBS), is the premier system for the Terminal to Landside interface. The VBS is active in 13 terminals across Australia, New Zealand and most recently, the Philippines. Throughout the Philippines the VBS is known as the Terminal Appointment Booking System (TABS) and has achieved a 20% increase in truck throughput, with trucking companies experiencing up to 5 times more utilisation per truck.

1-Stop's easy-to-use electronic platform and proven experience means a seamless systems integration, and the perfect terminal solution for our customers. 1-Stop's stevedores include DP World Australia, Patricks, International Container Terminal Service Inc (ICTSI), Asian Terminals Inc (ATI), Port of Auckland and Napier Port. The introduction of 1-Stop's products at these terminals has allowed the port communities a reduction in queue time down to 2 to 4-hours and in some places a total elimination. In addition, 1-Stop's VBS has decreased truck turn times by up to 76 minutes and reduced dwell time by 30% in the first 2 weeks of operation.

'Partnering with Bestshore as a strategic partner means that we can swiftly bring our solutions to the European community,' says Michael Bouari, CEO, 1-Stop. 'We've had huge success in Oceania and the Philippines, which have had significant efficiency gains after implementing our solutions. I am optimistic that we can do the same for Europe, and look forward to the collaboration between 1-Stop and Bestshore to achieve this."

Peter Ludvigsen, CEO of Bestshore states that, 'Today, there is a huge untapped efficiency improvement potential in the intersection between Carriers, Terminals and Landside actors. Everything we do in Bestshore revolves around helping customers achieve a slice of this huge efficiency improvement and cost savings potential. We first came across 1-Stop in 2009 when they implemented their flagship VBS product at a major port in New Zealand. Since then 1-Stop has continued to expand their product portfolio over the years and today we consider 1-Stop to be a best in class product on a modern platform for port community systems and vehicle booking systems'.

Feb 14, 2017

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